Funding the Un-Bankable Business

We are your reliable, trusted source for the working capital you need to sustain, grow, enrich and enhance your business. We understand that some businesses do not qualify for conventional bank financing. That’s where Clark Capital Group comes in.

Our specialty is small business. We launched in 2004 to solve a major issue facing small businesses: financing, business loans, and capital when conventional bank financing is not available.

We combined our passion for Main Street with cutting-edge technology to evaluate businesses based on their actual performance. That enables us to say “yes” more often and faster than traditional lenders, which lets owners spend their time where it should be, on growing their business, not seeking financing.

We have helped many business owners receive the financing they need to take their business to the next level.

Clark Capital Group is run by Kevin S Clark, a 30 years business financing professional. Let Kevin and his affiliates review your funding request today.